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Bitdefender Internet Security – 3 User

Bitdefender Internet Security – 3 User




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Bitdefender Internet Security – 3 User

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 – Three Users Delivers Multiple Layers Of Protection Against Ransomware. It Uses Behavioral Threat Detection To Prevent Infections, And Protects Your Most Important Documents From Ransomware Encryption. With Bitdefender Internet Security 2018, You Can Stop Worrying About Losing Your Data Or Money, And Enjoy Life And Your Devices.Complete Data Protection Absolute Power In The Most Efficient Antivirus Available Today. Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Works Against All Threats From Viruses, Worms And Trojans, To Ransomware, Zero-Day Exploits, Rootkits And Spyware. Your Data And Your Privacy Are In Good Hands.Advanced Threat Defense Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Uses A Technique Called Behavioral Detection To Closely Monitor Active Apps. The Moment It Detects Anything Suspicious, It Takes Instant Action To Prevent Infections.Webcam Protection Protect Your Privacy And Prevent Webcam Leaks. Webcam Protection Notifies You When Apps Try To Access Your Webcam, And Lets You Block Unauthorized Access.Bitdefender Autopilot Once Switched On, Autopilot Will Run Your Entire Cyber-Security By Itself. It Makes Optimal Security Decisions Without Asking For Your Input Through Nagging Pop-Ups And Dialog Boxes. Nothing To Set Up, Nothing To Configure.Bitdefender Photon This Innovative, Exclusive Technology Helps Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Adapt To The Hardware And Software Configuration Of Your System In Order To Save Computing Resources And Improve Speed And Performance.


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